MetaX Solutions  - an IPTV service company and authorised distributor for MatrixStream Technologies Inc., providers of High Quality HD IPTV Equipment, ASP and Content Solutions - Internet "cable" TV at True Broadcast TV quality.


ABOUT US - We provide a complete turn-key solution for Telecommunication Companies and Cable Operators seeking to create a triple play service or provide an additional revenue stream throughout the United States, the Caribbean and South America.

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IPTV Solution


MatrixStream has IPTV middleware servers, IPTV streaming servers, IPTV SD video encoders, IPTV HD video encoders, HD IPTV H.264 set top boxes and IPTV HD PC viewers.

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MatrixCast Streaming


Far superior than existing Internet streaming technologies.
The only complete end-to-end HD H.264 streaming solution. Stream over the Internet without QoS and at low bitrate.

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HDTV Streaming Solution


Complete H.264 HD streaming over the Internet solution.
This allows service providers to offer HD videos over the Internet without QoS using MatrixCast streaming protocol.

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Welcome to MetaX Solutions



MatrixStream IPTV ASP solution allows any broadband provider to offer IPTV services to anyone who wants to start its own IPTV service witht its own logo and EPG. MatrixStream IPTV ASP backend allows the ASP provider to manage each IPTV service subscribers with the following features:


Generate Additional IPTV Revenue - MatrixStream IPTV ASP data center solution allows any broadband providers to generate additional IPTV revenue by leveraging power of viral marketing. The IPTV ASP provider can sign up as many IPTV service providers as possible and leverage each service provider's marketing power. The IPTV ASP model also allows many service providers to generate additional revenue off video without having to invest a ton of time, money and resources to build its own IPTV services. With ASP IPTV model, any broadband provider can start its own IPTV service with its own unique logos and EPG in hours rather than months.

Unique Logo and EPG for Each IPTV Service Subscriber- The IPTV ASP system allows each IPTV service provider to have its own unique IPTV portal and EPG. Each EPG can be customized for each IPTV provider so customers are unaware the actual IPTV backend is being powered by the IPTV ASP provider. With this approach, each IPTV service provider can offer its own customers IPTV service without having to buy and support its own IPTV system.

Host Unlimited IPTV Service Subscribers - MatrixStream IPTV ASP Datacenter software allows IPTV ASP provider to add unlimited ASP service subscribers. As each ASP service subscribers grow their propecia online own IPTV subscriber count, the ASP provider will also grow its own revenue through subscription.

Streaming Over bbw porn the Internet - Because of MatrixStream's MatrixCast video transport protocol, all subscribers of the IPTV service can use broadband celebrity porn Internet as the video transport. Because MatrixStream can stream high quality HD videos without huge bandwidth requirements, ASP service subscribers can stream HD videos directly to their large HDTVs at home without compromising on the video quality.

View On TV or PC - All IPTV ASP service subscribers have the option to watch videos on celebrity nude their large HDTV or on their PC.

Expandable -The IPTV ASP system is fully scalable to support future growth. It is expandable to support unlimited users.

Remote software/firmware update - The IPTV ASP system is fully remote upgradable with no truck roll required. Comparing to regular cable and satellite installs where a service person is required to visit homes of subscribers, this could mean tremendous savings.

VOD Support - MatrixStream ASP IPTV data center solution supports both celebrity news unlimited live TV channels and unlimited VOD videos.

Minimal Integration Cost - IPTV ASP data center milf porn solution is the complete end-to-end solution where IPTV ASP providers can set up the entire systems in days. Unlike traditional IPTV system with pieces from multiple vendors, MatrixStream IPTV ASP system is designed to work seamlessly without massive integration headache.


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